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With no call-out fee and a no-fix-no-fee policy Caspian I.T. provides computer and laptop, repairs and services for the Croydon, Crawley and Brighton areas. TEL: 0208 406 1003

Rates are charged at £40 + VAT per hour for a home on-site visit (most issues resolved within first hour). And £50 per hour for Networked or Business systems.
Alternatively there is a fixed rate of £49 + VAT per computer, for a Collect and Return service where your system will be fixed and returned to you within 1-3 working days.

Every service for your computer. From a simple home laptop repair to a complex server network; Caspian IT offer a truly high quality service to help you keep your home and business running smoothly. Our experienced and professional network engineers are available when you need them: We come to your home or office. We also offer a collect and return service with a fixed price labour charge. An efficient fast and stable computer network is the bedrock of business success.

“I.T. can make a huge difference to a companies success – helping you get it right the first time is what Caspian IT do.”

If you’re wondering whether Caspian IT can help you with a computer problem you might have, the answer is most probably yes. We normally deal with home users or the owners of small and medium sized businesses. We not only repair broken laptops and desktop computers, we diagnose faults that might be caused by a virus or spyware. Caspian IT also offer a series of highly configured servers for sale that can provide you with an assortment of online services that maximise the flow of information in your organisation.  Full Story

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Sheryl’s vagina karaoke party night – On my LG 42″ TV (Hacked)


I have complained to LG about their software since the day I bought my LG 42LN575V-ZE – Though I’m absolutely sure it applies to many other models. I’m a video games programmer, a computer repair man and a network engineer. Apparently all the problems I’m having with my TV eg. (having to pull the power cord out and completely re-boot it) are all my fault. I’m clearly an inexperienced user (more fool me)

So when I look at SmartShare on my LG42LN575 TV and I see a file called ‘Sheryl’s vagina karaoke’ it’s all clearly my fault. I clearly put that file there myself and obviously I’m just another one of their entirely stupid users.


Your software is shit, it’s week, insecure, buggy – and get this. When the 1,000’s of us complain we are all told that “we’re the only one. that our software is perfect. It’s not our fault – it’s all about you and how stupid you are……..” sort of replies.


I am a software developer. I guarantee you that I’m many times better than your entire software department combined. Your hardware is fine your software is crap. Get to work and sort this NOW!!

Get in touch. No really I shit thee not.


Firstly your os needs a way of communicating with other systems on the network, windows, linux, OSx etc. You should be able to stream from any of these systems. You should have your own internal RAM/ROM/SSD etc of at least 128GB. Your TV is simply just another node on the network nothing more (other than you have a display that’s 40″ – 90″ wide) A smart TV is just another member of the network that does what it needs to do – and do it well.

Node.js not working on my Windows 2012 Server


Hummm, so I downloaded the file Windows Installer (msi) for 64bit for Windows from and ran the installation, but here’s the thing I can open and run the Node.js command prompt and at first it looks fine. It will even accept a line saying:

mate app.js

At which point it seems to go into some sort of editor mode with 3 dots ‘…’ before the cursor but whenever I type in a small test program and perform anything to check that Node.js is working web pages time out and the command line returns an error something like this:

I have looked at a post on stack exchange where one user suggests it might be a firewall setting, so I have specifically added Node.exe to Windows Firewall and enabled it to pass through – so it’s not that.

This answer by Brian McGinity states ” Look in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and see if Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript is blocked or appears two times.”

To be honest I didn’t really understand what he meant. It wasn’t until I decided to uninstall and reinstall Node.js that I saw this window pop-up.


That I realised Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript (which wasn’t listed in Windows Firewall at all that I realised I needed to add this program and enable it to pass through the firewall.


Also commands from my regular shell such as:

npm install -g stream-handbook

Work perfectly… However if I try a simple program like this:

var http = require('http');
http.createServer(function(request, response){
. 'Content-Type':'text/plain'
. });
response.end('Greetings you super cool Earthling');


Which WordPress directory properties need to be set for IIS?

This is actually one of the most useful WordPress pages on the Internet.

I’m setting up a WordPress site to host on my own Windows IIS server. Some directories need to be setup as writeable can you tell me which ones they are?

Which WordPress directories need to be Writeable

All directories in your WordPress site need to have IUSR and IIS_USR to have read and execute properties. If for some reason when you list the users IUSR or IIS_USR are not there, there is a very simple solution here.

Next in your WordPress site go to wp-content/uploads if there is no uploads directory then create one and grant IUSR and IIS_USR need ‘Modify‘ rights.

Do exactly the same for the following directories granting the appropriate rights. (again if the directory doesn’t exist create it.)

\wp-content\plugins full control
\wp-content\uploads modify
\wp-content\upgrade full control (else plugins can’t update)
\wp-content\themes modify

Then in the site root directory grant IUSR and IIS_USRfull control‘ to the file \sitemap.xml (again if sitemap.xml doesn’t exist just create a blank one using a text editor.)

If you’re like and you’re starting to get several thousand users a month you might want to take you’re simple WordPress site to the next level and maybe add a bulletin board that users can sign up to. I’m using PHPBB 3.1.1 at the moment.

PHPBB3 also needs to have all it’s sub directories with IUSR and IIS_USR with read & execute enabled.

phpbb3\cache modify (also empty cache folder of all files except for .htaccess and index.htm)

cache/: Writable (modify)

files/: Writable (modify)

store/: Writable (modify)

Optional files and directories

Optional – These files, directories or permission settings are not required. The installation system will attempt to use various techniques to create them if they do not exist or cannot be written to. However, the presence of these will speed installation.

config.php: Writable (modify)

images/avatars/upload/: Writable (modify)

Thank you to a user on stackoverflow who was instrumental in providing some of these answers.


Destination Path Too Long (Why Windows 8.1 is still crap)

So you’re copying several gig’s worth of data across your network to another home computer or server when suddenly up pops the (by now classic) error message “Destination Path Too Long”. So what can you do about it? Absolutely nothing that’s what. You could of coarse if you’re extremely die-hard take out a pencil and paper and write down the file name and then come back to it later and rename it manually – which would be fine if you’re only copying a few files across, but if you’re copying hundreds or even thousands that would be a problem.

Do Microsoft present you with any alternatives other that Skip or Cancel as though any other alternatives don’t exist? No. Why? Because they’re as thick as two short planks. Their stupidity on simple matters such as this really makes me worry about the code we can’t see. The “What’s under to hood.” sort of code.

Crikey, are you guys of sub normal intelligence or what?



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