Computer Services Great value computer and laptop repairs. Caspian IT offer a fast and professional door to door service for home and businesses users. Viruses, spyware and hardware faults fixed. Call Caspian IT FREE now – you’ll be glad you did.
Computer Repairs If you have a laptop or desktop computer that isn’t running like it should – Caspian IT is just a phone call away. Our fast and friendly service will get your computer running smoothly in no time. Call 07875 374630 Now.
Vigor 3300V Firewall The Vigor 3300V also has up to eight Voice-over-IP ports (via optional plug-in modules), providing PSTN integration and PBX facilities to provide a complete VoIP office solution.

Computer Services for Croydon, Crawley & Brighton

With no call-out fee and a no-fix-no-fee policy Caspian I.T. provides computer and laptop, repairs and services for the Croydon, Crawley and Brighton areas. TEL: 0208 406 1003

Rates are charged at £40 + VAT per hour for a home on-site visit (most issues resolved within first hour). And £50 per hour for Networked or Business systems.
Alternatively there is a fixed rate of £49 + VAT per computer, for a Collect and Return service where your system will be fixed and returned to you within 1-3 working days.

Every service for your computer. From a simple home laptop repair to a complex server network; Caspian IT offer a truly high quality service to help you keep your home and business running smoothly. Our experienced and professional network engineers are available when you need them: We come to your home or office. We also offer a collect and return service with a fixed price labour charge. An efficient fast and stable computer network is the bedrock of business success.

“I.T. can make a huge difference to a companies success – helping you get it right the first time is what Caspian IT do.”

If you’re wondering whether Caspian IT can help you with a computer problem you might have, the answer is most probably yes. We normally deal with home users or the owners of small and medium sized businesses. We not only repair broken laptops and desktop computers, we diagnose faults that might be caused by a virus or spyware. Caspian IT also offer a series of highly configured servers for sale that can provide you with an assortment of online services that maximise the flow of information in your organisation.  Full Story

Latest News & Tutorials

Visual Studio 2012 – How to switch to a Dark Theme

How do I switch to a dark theme in Visual Studio  2012?

Tools > Options

Then directly under Environment you will see General. In the pane opposite you will see color theme. From the drop down list just select dark.


Dragon Age: Inquisition left hand panel with characters has vanished

You mean the incredibly, unimaginably important panel that has all the characters in your team listed along with all their health points remaining? Yup, completely gone.

You know for the £53 they charge for this game you’d think they’d supply a flipping manual – how tight can you get? They expect everyone to be a flipping mystic and automatically know how to do everything, it’s ridiculous.

You need to press the tiny Options button on the game controller then select ‘options’ then Interface then HUD Visibility and make sure the ‘Always On’ option is selected – simples :)


Dragon Age: Inquisition sound breaks up (PS4)

I must have been playing for 10 hours straight but then noticed the sound breaking up. What can I do?

Yup it sure does and there’s nothing you can do about it, you don’t need to re-boot your PS4, but you do need to exit the game and then reload it. It’s a bummer but it doesn’t take long to do.


Dragon Age: Inquisition (Origin ID already exists)

I was so excited to get Dragon Age Inquisition for the PS4 – I simply can’t wait to play it. The first thing after installing it however is you have to download and apply an update – pretty frikin’ typical.

The next thing however is you have to create a stupid EA Origin ID. I’ve put in my email, then a password BUT THEN no matter what I type in the Origin ID I get the error message “Origin ID already exists” – There’s absolutely no flipping way that’s possible. I’m typing in random letters, numbers – you name it. The chances of there actually being a duplicate ID are in the trillions, there’s simply no way for me to get past this screen no matter what I do.

To say I’m disgusted, bitterly disappointed, angry and fucked off is an understatement!! WTF!


The solution for me was to have letters upper case and lower case and also to add numbers and MAKE IT EXACTLY 16 LETTERS LONG.